Menu / File / Job list


Synchronize now

Updates the job list.


Save job list

Saves the jobs.

The jobs are automatically saved when they are created, and when the batch program is closed.


Open folder

Opens the job list folder.


Menu / File / Watch folder


Auto refresh

If enabled, the batch will automatically scan the folder for new files when it detects a change in the folder.


Show panel

If enabled, the watcher panel is displayed in the batch window.


Open folder

Opens the watch folder.


Menu / File / Custom jobs


Open folders

Opens the custom jobs folder.



Reloads the custom jobs.


Menu / File


Show ignore-list

Displays the ignore list.



Opens the configuration window.

This dialog allows to configure the current batch.



Opens the settings dialog.


Menu / Jobs


Add files

Allow to browse for files and create jobs.

The files will be analyzed, and a list of available jobs will be displayed.


Add job

Allows to create a new job of a specific type.


Menu / Jobs / Reschedule

This menu displays different sub-menus to reschedule jobs.


Menu / Jobs / Ignore

This menu displays different sub-menus to ignore jobs.


Menu / Jobs / Remove

This menu displays different sub-menus to remove jobs.


Menu / View


Show filter panel

If enabled, the filter panel is displayed.


Show all / ignored / waiting / failed / finished jobs

These menus allow to choose which jobs to display.


Expand all

Expands the jobs in the panel.


Collapse all

Collapses the jobs in the panel.