If enabled, the subtitle can be edited.


Editable siblings

If enabled, the previous/next subtitles can be edited too.


Focus mode

Specifies which subtitle to show.



The focused subtitle is used.


The previous subtitle from the focused one is used.


The next subtitle from the focused one is used.


Show previous

Displays the previous clip.


Show next

Displays the next clip.


Show comments

If enabled, the comments field is visible.


Show subpicture

If enabled, the subpicture field is visible.


Show bytes

If enabled, the bytes field is visible.


Show flags panel

Displays buttons to set the clip's flags.


Show formatting panel

Displays buttons to format the text.


Show actions panel

Displays additional buttons.


Show separation

Displays the separation against the previous and next clip.


Font size

Specifies the font size for edition.


Time size

Specifies the font size for the time boxes.


Auto line-break

If enabled, a new line is automatically created when maximum line width is reached.

The maximum characters per line is specified in the project.