Focus mode

Specifies which top element to render in the monitor.



The render tree starts at the active project.


The render tree starts at the parent of the active track.


The render tree starts at the active track.


Renders only the active clip.


Children mode

Specifies which sub-tracks to display in the monitor.



No clips are rendered.


Renders all clips.

Clips and tracks

Renders all clips and tracks.

All descendants

Renders all clips, tracks and sub-tracks.

Active track

Renders the active track.


Restore focus

Sets the focus mode and children mode to their default value.


Render time

Specifies the time position to display



The monitor renders the clips at current time position.


The monitor renders the current clip, even if the time-head is not inside it.


Render engine

Specifies the render engine to use.

If an exporter is active, the monitor will use exporter's.


Render all frames

If enabled, the monitor refreshes the image each time the time-head is moved.

Otherwise, the monitor is refreshed only when the clip to be displayed changes.


Show timecode

If enabled, the current timecode is displayed over the monitor.

It also specifies the font size for timecode.



If enabled, the subtitle text can be edited directly in the monitor.

It also specifies the font size for text edition.

This feature is not available when using a AX player (QuickTime).


Show pixel information

If enabled, pixel position is displayed then clicking in the monitor and dragging the mouse.


Double-click action

Specifies the what to do when the monitor is double-clicked.



Nothing is done.

Edit text

Makes the monitor editable. Toggle.


Auto fit

If enabled, the rendered image will fit the monitor.

It also allows to select the fitting method.

This feature is not available when using a AX player (QuickTime).



The image will be scaled to fit the monitor area.


The image will be scaled always to 50%.

HD 720

Scales the image to fit 1280×720.


Adjust DPI

If enabled, the image in the monitor will be displayed ignoring the Windows DPI scaling.


Show controls

If enabled, movie controls will be visible in the monitor.


Render stereoscopic

If enabled, the monitor will render left and right images, and compose them according to the selected stereoscopic mode.

Make sure your subtitles have a stereoscopic separation different than zero.


Show magnifier

Opens a magnifier window.



Takes a snapshot of the monitor image.

Snapshots can be configured in the settings window.


Refresh image

Re-renders the image.


Load media

If a reel is active, it loads the movie.


Fix player

Removes and creates a new video player.

This function may help in situations where the player does not respond.



Allows to display overlays.

Overlays are components that render information and guides on the monitor.


Show overlays

If enabled, overlays will be displayed.



Allows to open mirrors.

Mirrors are components that send the image in the monitor to other windows or devices.

This feature is not available when using a AX player (QuickTime).