The waveform extract dialog allows to create a compatible audio file.

This dialog can be opened from the project wizard or the reel editor.



Source file

Specifies the source movie file.


Target file

Specifies the destination file. The _workcopy text will be added automatically to the original file name.



Specifies the installed decoder to use.



Specifies the video and audio codecs.


Frame size

Specifies the final image size.


Sample rate

Specifies audio's sample rate.


Video bitrate

Specifies the desired video bit rate.


Audio bitrate

Specifies the desired audio bit rate.


Burn timecode

If enabled, timecode will be drawn on the video.


Frame rate

Specifies the frame rate for the timecode.


Start time

Specifies the first timecode value.



Specifies the position of the timecode.



Specifies the color of the timecode box.


Font color

Specifies the color of the timecode digits.


Font size

Specifies the timecode digits size.

This value is a percentage, relative to image's height.