The tags editor displays the tags an element contains.



Tags can be reordered, removed, turned off and customized.

If the tag offers some parameters, it can be expanded and collapsed.


The tag can be undocked, which makes it easy to focus on the tag, and save space.




Opens the tags dialog, to add new tags to the element.


Add group

Allows to add a group of tags.


Remove all

Removes all tags.



Sorts all tags by name.

Notice that in some cases changing the order of the tags may affect the resulting rendering.


Expand all

Expands all the tag controls.


Collapse all

Collapses all the tag controls.


Link to preset

Allows to link to a preset in different ways.


Load preset tags

Loads tags from a preset file.


Save as preset

Saves all the tags as a new preset.



Specifies the kind of tags to display.