The settings manager offers different functions to manage settings.


This actions only affects the current user.


Reset settings

Use default application settings

Restores the Lemony Pro settings to the defaults.

After this, it is recommended to close the application and re-launch it.


Basically, this option just deletes your settings.xml file.

Usually located here: C:\ProgramData\Lemony Pro 5\Settings\[UserName]\Settings.xml


This action does not affect your shortcuts.


Clear recent files

Clears the list of the recently opened projects.


Reset GUI

This panel allows you to reset your user interface.



Specifies the workspace to affect.

By default there are no workspaces in your system.


Reset dialogs

Resets the position and size of the dialogs.


Reset programs' workspaces

Resets the position and size of the programs windows.

This is, the position and size of the batch, calculator, viewer, etc. Except for the subtitler, which has its own option below.


Reset subtitler's workspace

Resets the position and size of the subtitler window.

It also resets the panels and tools inside the subtitler.


Reset subtitler tools

Resets the position, size and settings of the of floating tools.


Reset monitor overlays

Resets the settings of the monitor overlays.



Resets the settings chosen above.


Basically, this option deletes the corresponding files from your settings folder.

The folder is usually located here: C:\ProgramData\Lemony Pro 5\Settings\[UserName]


If you are resetting some windows positions and sizes, make sure to close them first.




Reset shortcuts

Restores the shortcuts, using one of the shortcuts presets.


Create backup

Creates a backup of your current shortcuts.


The backup is located inside your settings folder, usually here: C:\ProgramData\Lemony Pro 5\Settings\[UserName]\Shortcuts Default.xml


To restore the backup, use the reset shortcuts option above.