The OCR dialog allows to convert images into editable text.

In order to scan a subtitle it must point to a subpicture file, and its text must be empty.




Scans the current image, and displays the detected glyphs.



Jumps to the next scannable item, and scans it.


Engine menu



Specifies the OCR engine to use.



Loads engine parameters from a file.



Saves the engine parameters in the current file.


Save as

Saves the engine parameters in a different file.



Opens the dialog to configure the engine.



Resets the engine parameters.


Libraries menu



Creates a new library, and makes it active.



Specifies a new library file and loads it.



Saves the library.



Opens the library editor.


Scan using all libraries

If enabled, all libraries in the OCR folder will be used to scan images.

C:\ProgramData\Lemony Pro 5\OCR.


Reload libraries

Refreshes all the libraries.


View menu


Show guides

If enabled, text guides are displayed over the scanned image.


Show processed image

If enabled, the image is displayed as it looks pre-processed.


Auto fit

If selected, the image will fit the window.


Show engine info

If enabled, additional engine information is displayed in the dialog.



When a image is scanned, the detected glyphs are displayed in the glyphs panel.



Each glyph displays its image and a text field.

The user now needs to type in the characters (or characters) for each glyph.



Makes the glyphs italic (Control+I).


Merge with next

Merges the current glyph with the next one.

Use this function when a glyph, because of its form, is recognized as two different glyphs (Control+M).


Add space before

Adds a space before the current glyph (Control+Ins).


Remove glyph

Removes the glyph (Control+Del).




Remove line

Removes the line and all its glyphs.