To export subtitles you need to specify the structure of the desired script using variables.


Make sure the export tab is visible while modifying the export parameters.

In this tab you can see how your subtitles will look like. Lemony Pro will generate random subtitles that will be used for the preview.



Enter the following text into the subtitle structure field.

{Index} {TimeIn:HMSF} {TimeOut:HMSF}


(and insert one empty line at the end).


As you can see, the structure of our format is: index, time-in, time-out, and the text lines.



Some variables allow parameters.

In this example, the {TimeIn} and {TimeOut} use the HMSF parameter to indicate that the time must be formatted as HH:MM:SS:FF.


You can use the variable {TextPlain} instead to export text without markups.

Or use variable {TextFormatted} to export formatted text - you also need to export using the Word OpenXML encoding.


Read more about variables.