Lemony is a suite of professional subtitling tools. It enables video professionals, content developers, translators, authoring facilities, and subtitling service bureaus to create, check, convert and output subtitles.

Powered by Kio subtitling framework.
  • Lemony Pro 5.2.7 is available now.
    And ongoing beta 5.2.8.
  • Lemony is not longer sold via MainConcept.
    Maintenance and support continues as normal.
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  • We have set up a new FTP to download Lemony installers.
    If you have a valid maintenance plan, please contact us to get access to the FTP.
    The new FTP name is: nektarylabs.asuscomm.com (not 88.xxx.xxx.xxx)
  • We have a new installer for Lemony 4 that solves the virtual machine problem and works with Windows 10.
    This is a free installer for all Lemony 4 users. Contact us to get the download link.
  • All Lemony Studio users have been upgraded to Lemony Pro v4 for free.
    Just install Lemony Pro v4.5.10 and use the same dongle and activation code.
    Contact us to get the download link.